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A Wishing Well for Deviants

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Each folder has its own submission rules. You can see them in the description of each gallery header.

:bulletwhite: Guarantees
We cannot guarantee that your wish will be granted - even if you donate to the Well. We also feature our most active members; features are not guaranteed! You do not have to donate to be a member, list a wish, get featured or have a wish granted. We cannot guarantee your wish will be featured on time if it's time sensitive.

:bulletred: Things that get you BANNED
Any form of harassment. Trolling anyone in the group. Spamming the group. Begging for handouts. Arguing with admins. Complaining about features. Badmouthing the group or admins. Trying to make wishes on more than one account. Whining that your wish was not granted.

What the Well Does
All the points donated are used to grant wishes!

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How important is it for you to see your art featured with your wish? 

48 deviants said Important! I love to be featured!
38 deviants said It's nice, but I could live without it!
6 deviants said I'm neutral but I want to see the results!
4 deviants said I don't make wishes but I like to see art!
4 deviants said I don't make wishes and I don't mind seeing or not seeing art!
No deviants said I don't like to be featured!
No deviants said I don't make wishes and I would prefer not seeing art!

Thursday Greets

Thu Jan 22, 2015, 5:12 PM

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:spotlight-left:  Welcome to Thursday Greets!  :spotlight-right:

Thursday Greets is a weekly feature of a few of our newest members, in hopes to give them some exposure! Below you will find some of their artwork, their wish, and any interesting going ons that they may have.

Let's meet some of our newest members and spread the love. :heart:

:iconeclipseprime1: EclipsePrime1

I saw that! by EclipsePrime1Excellent....bask in my glory....... by EclipsePrime1Fake Man in Gas Station by EclipsePrime1
EclipsePrime1 wishes for points.
EclipsePrime1 has no news

:iconwakoe: Wakoe

beneath the wave by Wakoepractice15 0015 by Wakoepractice15 0012 2015 id by Wakoe
Wakoe has no wish listed
Wakoe has no news

:iconprobl3matique: Probl3matique

AliveI love to feel the fluid cracks as
My vertebrae snap into perfect alignment
And maybe it’s just air bubbles, but to
Me it feels like everything is
Finally right
Just for a second
And my beating heart, blood
In my ears, reminds me that I have one
Buried deep under sarcasm and lies but it’s
Okay, because it’s
Still there
I love even pain because it reminds me
That I am real, I am tangible and physical
And more than the sum
Total of my dreams and my feelings
Because they may change, but for now
I am and will always be
my gift to YOU                                       this page
                                   is a boundary
                                 everything is con-
                                   tained in bound-
                            aries - atoms have them -
                        under a microscope gold is no-
                         thing more than tiny balls held
Elite AlcoholicWaking up still drunk with water in the bed
I haven't left myself on the side of the road
in ages it's mostly gas stations it's a dead
porpoise on the floor dear god do you miss me
I don't envy you sissyphean escalator
at the mall of my heart I sell the mall of my art
at the froyo stand I stand patiently and hate my
turn to order I lose 30 realities when I select
but one flavor I'm mixing metaphors with pills
and alcohol and I am shaking the shaker like
a poloroid picture or a fat ass I laugh at the mirror
you think you know me you think you know me
you don't even know a third of it I'm a meatball
sub and you're a meatball dom but we don't get along
I'm not kosher and I'm not apologizing but I'm not not
apologizing either it's hard for me to say so I won't

Probl3matique has no wish listed
Probl3matique has no news

:iconiillllllllllllllllii: IIllllllllllllllllII

IIllllllllllllllllII has no wish listed
IIllllllllllllllllII has no news

:icondannielle-anne: dannielle-anne

RIP Rose by dannielle-anneThe Bay by dannielle-anneBridge by dannielle-anne
dannielle-anne wishes for 100 new watchers.
dannielle-anne has no news

:iconikatie22: iKatie22

Tanner and Cooper by iKatie22Winter Wonderland by iKatie22Husky mix by iKatie22
iKatie22 wishes for her donation pool to be filled.
iKatie22 has no news

:iconsweetiebelle22: sweetiebelle22

A.T. With phoebeshade by sweetiebelle22Gir by sweetiebelle22A.T. With oxdaydreamxo by sweetiebelle22
sweetiebelle22 wishes for a 3-month premium membership.
sweetiebelle22 has no news

:icongoldstargirl: Goldstargirl

why does the sky look different? by GoldstargirlMy cute little angels by GoldstargirlHi I'm Sheena! by Goldstargirl
Goldstargirl has no wish listed
Goldstargirl has no news

:iconinsanitydragon2000: iNSaNiTYDragon2000

Godzilla by iNSaNiTYDragon2000RAWRZ by iNSaNiTYDragon2000Femuto by iNSaNiTYDragon2000
iNSaNiTYDragon2000 has no wish listed
iNSaNiTYDragon2000 has no news

:iconmani-hime: Mani-Hime

Story Commission: ShadowExiladia"...So where are we again?" Lucas questioned Logan for the 2nd time. The dark haired 20 year old gritted his teeth, since he was getting annoyed by that question already.
"We're in Bosnia." He explained, taking the map out of his exorcist pocket to show the auburn-haired boy. "...We are on a mission here to find the Innocence that has been holding this city back in the past for a century. Right now, it's stuck in the 1700s."
"...Oh, okay." Lucas nodded, seeing Bosnia located on the map until Lucas put the map back in his pocket. He then averted his brown eyes down to the fish bowl he had in his hand, which had a single orange fish swimming happily in it. The 17-year old smiled warmly. "...I can't wait to see what this angel fish can do."
Logan smirked. "I'm sure you do, Lucas. Speaking of which..." The general-like uniformed exorcist took out his saddle, which he was able to fold up and put in one of his back pockets. "Armasar Ote, activate." The saddle soon turned into a dark h
[You're Not One of Them]: The MeetingAfter the bite of 1987, Freddy and the other animatronics didn't know what to think of Foxy. He had let his anger get the best of him when the little kid in front of him called him "stupid", and thus completely banned the animatronics the freedom of roaming in the daytime....or so they believed.
They saw Foxy put into disrepair and hid behind the curtains of the Pirate's Cove, hopefully never to be seen by the human eye again.
But once in a while, during the night time shifts, Chica has caught herself passing by the Pirate's Cove, wondering if Foxy was still sulking into the shadows after that horrible incident happened. Unlike Freddy and Bonnie, she had concern for the pirate fox, and felt bad for what had happened. The mascot and guitar animatronic thought that Foxy meant to do that, but in all honesty, he really didn't mean to. And Chica could relate to that.
It was a Saturday, and the pizzeria was closing for the night shift. Chica, Bonnie, and Freddy were in their usual place on t
Story Commission: Sirua (2) Kaekre was so excited, he could scream. But he knew that if he did, he might catch attention of the other Slytherins here. That was right, he is now a Slytherin at Hogwarts! For a quiet, paranoid blonde that he is, he was always interested in magical books, and happened to be indulged in them when he had free time. His usual, emotionless eyes gleamed with excitement as he started to make his way down the hallway. He wasn't watching where he was going, and bumped right into another Slytherin. 
"Oh." he blinked as the person turned around. "I'm so sorry--" his eyes widened when he saw who it was. He then knew it wasn't a Slytherin, but a teacher. It was the well-known Harry Potter, the one famed for his short black hair and lightning scar on his forehead. He seemed to be...older, more mature than Kaekre thought him of. 
"It's alright, young one." the young man smiled, and patted his head. "I'm guessing you're the new student a lot of people have had their eyes on, ri

Mani-Hime has no wish listed
Mani-Hime is offering commissions

:iconmraltitude: MrAltitude

HELP unchained by MrAltitudeBehind the paper by MrAltitudeMy Waterfall by MrAltitude
MrAltitude wishes for a premium membership.
MrAltitude has no news

:iconfallenheart4567: Fallenheart4567

Lathen by Fallenheart4567Soul gratuito by Fallenheart4567Jayden ref .:Fursona:. by Fallenheart4567
Fallenheart4567 wishes for a premium membership.
Fallenheart4567 has no news

:iconfriederike-rivaille: Friederike-Rivaille

A..W... E..S..OM...E? Am I correct, Gilbert?  by Friederike-RivailleDeutsch-Franzoesischer Krieg by Friederike-RivailleYoung elvish prince by Friederike-Rivaille
Friederike-Rivaille has no wish listed
Friederike-Rivaille has no news

:iconalixpup: AlixPup

{icon} for trintrin101 by AlixPup{chara} something... i got bored by AlixPup{chara} yuki and yumi: by AlixPup
AlixPup has no wish listed
AlixPup has no news

:iconmilikia: milikia

milikia has no wish listed
milikia has no news

Welcome all!


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Advertise our group one time in a journal.
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