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A Wishing Well for Deviants

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Advertise our group one time in a journal.
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:bulletblue::bulletgreen: Group status: Accepting August wishes :bulletgreen::bulletblue:

This group needs more members! DD-Suggesters 

16 deviants said :icondd-suggesters:

Forever Wish Features

I support the dA wishing well by Astrikos I Support The Well by PizzaPotatoNBacon Give a stamp! - I threw a wish in the well by a-neverending

Arcane-Panda wishes for more active watchers.

BloomingRoseXeniia wishes for DD.

C0MPASSION wishes for Samiraku to receive a DD.

CelestialMemories wishes for people to donate points to SUDonate for Series-Unknown contests and events.

CyphonRose wishes to sell more commissions.

DrippingWords wishes for points to commission art for her novel.

Esthiell wishes for a DD.

Felizias wishes for new members to take part in All-about-features Project dA Starters.

FlightPixel wishes to sell more commissions.

frantices wishes for a DD.

HigherSeeking wishes for a 12-month premium membership.

Marianne-Pet wishes for her donation pool to be filled.

SilverInkblot wishes for photo prints from her wishlist.

Sserenita wishes for people to join and participate in her group The-Feature-Showcase.

StudioIJB wishes for more collaborations and art trades.

Viokcha wishes for llamas.

WorldWar-Tori wishes for points for contests, projects, and other community events.

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Thursday Greets

Thu Jul 31, 2014, 9:13 PM

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:spotlight-left: Welcome to Thursday Greets! :spotlight-right:

Thursday Greets is a weekly feature of a few of our newest members, in hopes to give them some exposure! Below you will find some of their artwork, their wish, and any interesting going ons that they may have.

Let's meet some of our newest members and spread the love. :heart:

:icondevsincere: devSINCERE

devFRESH #1Undiscovered
These deviations are from deviants with under 100 watches.

Featured Member Artwork

Other News
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  This Week (28/07/2014)So far...
We announced our first project: devSINCERE's Acts of Kindness.
We released our Credit System and Reward Shop.
We posted our Gallery Guidelines.
We released our Commission Details log.
Coming up...
We will announce the participants for this week's devSINCERE's Acts of Kindness and reward the participants.
We will begin a bi-weekly art feature.
We will release our first recipient of the Sincerity Award.
We will take suggestions via notes to how to improve the group!
Elsewhere on dA:
  devSINCERE's Acts of Kindness devSINCERE (standing for "Deviously Sincere") is a project aiming to encourage random acts of kindness and general sincerity in every day actions among the community.
Random acts of kindness are often praised and rightly so. Being generous to others without expecting something in return is one of the nicest acts a person can commit.
A random act of kindness is defined as “a selfless act performed by kind people to either help or cheer up a random stranger, for no reason other than to make people happier.
But, what if you want to make a person happier who you know? What if these acts are planned and not at all random? Are they still as genuine? Of course.
I challenge you to do one kind thing for another person (or deviant) each day for the next seven days.
Record these acts of kindness and note devSINCERE at the end of your seven days with a list of all of the things you did for a chance to be featured and rewarded.
What kind of rewards?

:iconembroiderymw101: EmbroideryMW101

Surrended to Pain: Darren Loss OC Pony by EmbroideryMW101 Fancy Meyer by EmbroideryMW101 .:Glaceon Embroidery:. by EmbroideryMW101
EmbroideryMW101 has no wish listed
EmbroideryMW101 is offering commissions.

:iconwebkinzwarrior: WebkinzWarrior

Drawings from January 2014 by WebkinzWarrior My Bunny ^^ by WebkinzWarrior Kyra- Webkinz Signature Minature Dachshund by WebkinzWarrior
WebkinzWarrior wishes for a 1-month premium membership.
WebkinzWarrior has no news

:iconfluttershy66011: fluttershy66011

Amber Commish by fluttershy66011 AT: Rockin Beats by fluttershy66011 OTA by fluttershy66011
fluttershy66011 wishes for 1000 points for commissions.
fluttershy66011 is hosting a contest.

:iconzenrha: zenrha

Night Skies by zenrha Toxic Heart [animation] by zenrha Autumn Air by zenrha
zenrha has no wish listed
zenrha is hosting a contest.

:iconaeruuli: Aeruuli

Strawberry Top Neko by Aeruuli Demon Boy by Aeruuli Pair of Bases (Original) by Aeruuli
Aeruuli has no wish listed
Aeruuli has no news

:iconvalceon: valceon

AVATAR by valceon Hannibal Buttons by valceon Counting Stars by valceon
valceon wishes for a 3-month premium membership.
valceon is offering commissions.

:iconvirgilthevampire: virgilthevampire

:iconmsaishakristine: msaishakristine

Anime Girl w/ Color and Shading by msaishakristine Cute Chibi Face Ryoma from Prince of Tennis by msaishakristine  Fate and Love (Part 1) - The PastNote:
The story is written in like a dialogue format
* are meant to describe the character's feelings and actions
() are meant to the thoughts going in the character's head. Something they might be telling themselves
Enjoy Reading! ♥
The Alarm Clock Rings..
A girl lying in her queen size bed, full of pillows and a fluffy comforting blanket is sound asleep. She doesn't seem to be waking up soon despite the constant ringing of the alarm clock on her bedside table.
After a few more seconds, the alarm stops ringing.
It's 3 o'clock in the afternoon.
Someone knocks on the door.
Ryu: Haru! Wake up! It's afternoon already for goodness sake!
Haru's eyes has slowly open and as she sits down - she looked at the clock, and ends up seeing it's past 3:00PM.
Haru: *widens her eyes* What the heck! It's 3 o'clock in the afternoon again?! *Sighs* When will my body clock ever be fixed.. like a normal human being?

msaishakristine wishes for a 3-month premium membership.
msaishakristine is offering writing commissions.

:iconyatakarasu: Yatakarasu

Daga OTOKO DA!!! / Ruka Urushibara - SteinsGate by Yatakarasu Desu... / No Game No Life - Hatsuse Izuna by Yatakarasu First attempt on drawing something realistic (Eye) by Yatakarasu
Yatakarasu wishes for more watchers.
Yatakarasu has no news

:iconktoya: Ktoya

Unona and her friends (OCs) by Ktoya Vera and Ilche (OCs) by Ktoya Mirza playing morin khuur (OC) by Ktoya
Ktoya has no wish listed
Ktoya has no news

:icontroll--zaya: Troll--zaya

Merry Christmas IcySleepwalker by Troll--zaya Cern by Troll--zaya Team 7--For Robbie by Troll--zaya
Troll--zaya wishes for llamas.
Troll--zaya has no news

:iconhannamina: Hannamina

Gretel by Hannamina The other side of the mirror by Hannamina 24h BD comic day by Hannamina
Hannamina has no wish listed
Hannamina is offering commissions.

Welcome all!


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