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January 3, 2012
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Joining dAWishingWell

ONLY MEMBERS can have their wishes listed. Please read this blog to learn how to join!

Why would I be declined from joining?

We decline deviants for various reasons. As a group geared towards creating a positive atmosphere on deviantART, we try really hard to not decline anyone. We do decline anyone in clear violation of deviantART policy and those individuals who harass the admins of this group. As of 8/25/2013, accounts under 1 month of age are not permitted to join due to difficulties that have experienced with these members regarding moved accounts among other factors (although once a new account that wasn't from a moved deviant has turned 1 month old, they may attempt to join). Accounts that are under 1 month from a moved member will be required to mention the name of their previous account during review. Read this blog to learn more about the process of joining and why you might be declined.

My MAIN account is not 'user-related.' Can I still join and make a wish?

You will need to complete the joining process. You are only allowed to join with one account and can only wish with 'user-related' accounts (unless that is your only account). Whether or not you can make a wish is dependent on you following the rules and instructions of this blog.

I have multiple accounts but only want to join with one. Is that okay?

Yes. Just be honest and upfront about with your accounts. If you want to make a wish, make sure you join with your primary 'user-related' account.

What is a "review?"

A review is our way of getting to know prospective new members. It is pretty painless. Read more about the joining process to understand being reviewed.

A Community Group!

Because we are a community group, we cater to the community and try to aid the community as best as we can. With that said, we make sure this group benefits those community members who follow deviantART's rules and policies - not those members who cause dArama, troll, bully or otherwise break deviantART policy.

Status in the Group

What happens if I leave the group?

If you have a wish listed, your wish will be removed.

What happens if my account goes inactive or moves?

If you have a wish listed, your wish will be removed. Once you are active again or choose to let us know about your account move, you can follow the instructions here to have a new wish listed.

How do I become a contributor/co-founder?

Contributors are our VIPs (previous Co-Founders who have retired). To be a Contributor, you must first have been an active Co-Founder for at least 3 months and ran your own group activity. To be a Co-Founder, please see this blog for more details.

I met the requirements to be a contributor/co-founder! How does this work?

If you meet the minimum requirements to be an admin and WANT to be an active admin of a very active group (VERY VERY BUSY GROUP), then send us a note and ask to have a review done of your account so you can be an admin.

Making Wishes

What is an acceptable dA-related wish?

UserABC wishes for ### points.
UserDEF wishes for a premium membership.
UserGHI wishes for a print of [link].

UserABC wishes for seniority.
UserDEF wishes for a DD of [link].
UserGHI wishes for ### more watchers.
UserJKL wishes for more exposure.
UserMNO wishes for more insightful comments/critiques.
UserPQR wishes for someone to draw their character [link].

GroupABC wishes to be a supergroup.
User123 wishes for GroupABC to be a supergroup (group must still be affiliated).

How do I make a Wish?

Please see this blog.

Where do I send my wish?

Please see this blog.

What kinds of accounts can make wishes?

Please see this blog.

Can I change my wish/account?

Wishes or accounts can be changed once every 6 months. We keep a list of who changes their wish each month. Changing wishes or accounts too frequently is considered an abuse of the wishing well. See this blog for more details.

Is there a maximum donation for wishes?

Yes. Each wish is allotted up to 1000 points as of 6/1/2013. Wishes listed for more than that were made prior to the new policy and are grandfathered in. We will grant print and premium wishes with the understanding that we will spend as close to the 1000 point limit as possible. Learn more about wishes here.

Is there a maximum number of accounts I can use to make a wish?

YES! We allow one wish per MEMBER on the wishlist. Not one wish per account. We block all users from the group who are caught wishing on multiple accounts. No exceptions.

Can a wish be declined?

Wishes that appear to be completely unnecessary or impossible CAN be declined. To make sure your wish is not declined, follow the policy outlined here for acceptable wishes.

How do I make a new wish (like a second wish after my first was granted)?

To make a wish, please see this blog. After your 1st wish is granted, you must wait 60 days before making a 2nd wish. After your 2nd wish is granted, you must wait 120 days before you make your 3rd wish. After your 3rd wish is granted, you must wait 1 year for your 4th wish.

How do I get my 4th wish faster than 1 year?

If you grant either 6 purchasable or 6 non-purchasable wishes (or wishes from each list for a total of 6 wishes granted), you can have your 4th wish listed in 6 months instead of 1 year. Donations to TheWishingWidget are also considered when reducing time between the 3rd and 4th wishes. Please NOTE the group with the wishes/donations you have given to be considered for a shorter 4th wish waiting period.

How do you choose who gets their wish next?

We have a program that links to a table where we type in each member's username. The program mixes the names up and pulls them from the table in a random order. When your name is pulled, it disappears from the table until you make a new wish. Note that random granting of wishes is only done by the group - we have many members that selflessly grant wishes as well who use different systems to decide who they help and who they don't.

My wish has been listed and not granted for almost a year. Why?

Wishes are not granted in the order received. Wishbumps are used to guarantee older and selfless wishes a spotlight moment with the opportunity to be granted quicker than waiting to be randomly drawn.

My wish hasn't been posted yet. Did you miss me?

The group updates The Wishlist a few times a week as time permits. We get many comments and notes, and while we strive to answer them immediately and have everything updated immediately, we can't be online 24 hours a day. If more than a week goes by and you don't see your wish, please SEND A NOTE to the group - only ONE note.

My wish claims it was granted but I never got my points/premium/etc. How did that happen?

For some wishes, you need to have an updated and current physical address in the deviantART system (like for Prints) or TheWishingWidget has to become an admin of your group to upgrade it to a supergroup. If your information is incorrect or you do not respond to our donation account within 10 days of our attempt to grant your wish, we move it to granted and assume you have either moved, become inactive or do not want your wish. You can make a new wish after the appropriate waiting period has passed. We do everything in our power to grant your wish, but sometimes things happen where it just isn't possible (many times due to users not communicating with us).

Granting Wishes

When does the group grant wishes?

We grant purchasable wishes as we get points and non-purchasable wishes as time permits - there is no set schedule although we strive to grant at least 3 each month and a supergroup wish every 6 months. Granting wishes takes time and money - if we have neither, we can't grant wishes.

How do I grant a wish?

You do not have to be a member to grant a wish. Simply visit the wishlist of your choice, find a wish that you can grant, do what needs to be done (give points, llama, feature, comment, etc), then tell the deviant you granted their wish so they know, and then note the group to tell us whose wish you granted so we can update the blogs.

Who do I tell when I grant a wish?

Send a note to the group. If you want to be anonymous, let us know. If you don't mind the deviant knowing you granted their wish, you can also send them a note to let them know it was you and that their wish was granted.

What's the difference between a Granted Wish and a Pending Wish?

The pending wishes are wishes that people are trying to grant but are difficult to grant (like comments, DDs, seniority requests, large sums of points, etc). The wishes we consider to be fully completed are the ones that are on the Granted List. Sometimes, due to the nature of the wish, we CAN'T fully grant it. All we can do is try. If that is the case, after at least 30 days, pending wishes will be moved to granted status on the completed list so the user can make a new wish as quickly as possible.

My wish was granted! When can I make my next wish?

If your wish is granted, you must wait a certain amount of time before you can make a new wish. Yes, we do attempt to list the date on the Granted Wishes blog. After your 1st wish is granted, you must wait 60 days. After your 2nd wish is granted, you must wait 120 days. After your 3rd wish is granted, you must wait 1 year (there are some exceptions that allow for a 6 month wait instead).

Account Reviews

What are account reviews?

Please read this blog and this blog to understand the two different times members are reviewed. Reviews are NOT bad nor do they mean anyone has done anything bad. It is just our way of getting to know you better.

What can I do to make sure I pass the reviews?

It is simple. Follow dA policy. This includes but is not limited to giving credit to all art that is not yours, not posting illegal art, not posting callout journals, not begging for points, not trolling other deviants (or causing general unrest), etc. Please check dA's etiquette, copyright and submission policies. You can also look up questions you have by reading the deviantART FAQ.

Who gets reviewed?

Everyone gets reviewed when they join and make a wish. We also do quarterly reviews of the wishlists.

Other Questions

What does the Well guarantee members?

We only guarantee that we will work our hardest to make sure that your wish is granted once it is drawn. The Well does NOT guarantee that you will be allowed to join, that you will be allowed to make a wish or that your wish will be granted in a certain timeframe. Your membership and status as a member are completely dependent upon you following the policies of deviantART. We grant wishes through a random generator. We feature our most active members; features are not guaranteed! You do not have to donate to be a member, list a wish, get featured or have a wish granted.

What do I get for passing a review and joining?

You are entitled to nothing besides the opportunity to attempt to have a wish listed and later granted should you continue to follow the policies of deviantART, the policies of this group and pass the wishlist reviews. Keep in mind that if you violate these, your wish will be removed without warning.

Is this an official dA group?

No. This group was created by deviantART members for deviantART members. The deviantART staff do not run or otherwise oversee any of our functions as a group.

What is a "Wishbump?"

Each month we will post a poll with several different wishes chosen at random from our "gifting" category and older wishes, and whichever wish gets the most votes is guaranteed to be granted within the next 30 days!

If I donate, do I get anything special?

You are in the running to become a group administrator and later a VIP. You are also featured on the donation widget and our donations blog when it is updated! Periodically, we feature one or more of our outstanding members and pull from the pool of members who have donated to us! And if you grant 3 wishes, you are eligible to be on the Give and Get list which has a guarantee that one Give and Get wish is granted every single month.

What if I can't donate points?

Points are only one way of donating! You can blog about us, offer to help write some of the features, or link to us on your profile! You can also feature awesome members of the group who help to grant wishes or help to feature pending or non-purchasable wishes. Those are all forms of donations!

My submission was declined!

Yes, that happens. We have a couple galleries that are wish-specific. If you are confused, just submit to the FEATURE folder.

I commented with a question and was linked to the join/wish blog. Why?

The answer to your question is in the blog you were linked to. Read it.

What can we send notes about?

You can send a note to make a wish, if you have questions about joining, to let us know you granted a wish, to update us of any changes to your account (such as a new account name or swapping your main account), to issue a complaint, and just about any other question you may have. We do not accept any requests via comments.

Abuse of the Well

What is an abuse?

An abuse of the well is anything that makes it more likely for one user to (or less like for other users to) have their wish granted, or any action that abuses members or admins of the group. We do not tolerate abuses of the well.

Immediate Removal from the Well
Wishing on multiple accounts
Arguing with admins
Harassing members

Removal from the Well at the 2nd Offense
Complaining about being featured
Complaining/spamming about not being featured
Repeated attempts at account/wish changes
Spamming the group with any request/.question
Repeatedly asking us to grant your wish
Repeatedly asking why the group hasn't granted your wish

What are the 'zero-tolerance' things you talk about?

Those are abuses of the Well that will get you blocked from the group immediately (or not allowed to join in the first place). These are callout journals, trolling, bullying and hate art.

What happens if I abuse the Well?

Depending on the abuse, you may be removed from the group and blocked. Some abuses allow for one warning before you are removed from the group.

I have multiple accounts... Am a points/ask/plz account...

We do check account activity. We do check journals. We will find out, if not right away, eventually if you join with multiple accounts. Attempting to wish on multiple accounts is a one-way ticket to being blocked from the group.

Changing wishes/accounts...

Wishes and accounts can be changed once every 6 months. We keep a list of who changes their wish/account each month. Changing wishes or accounts too frequently is considered an abuse of the wishing well and confuses members trying to grant wishes.

Accounts that can make wishes...

We allow one wish per MEMBER on the wishlist. Not one wish per account. As a general rule, if it isn't your main account, you shouldn't be making a wish with it. Ask, PLZ, point, adoptable, stock, etc accounts are not allowed to wish unless they are your ONLY account.

I need to change accounts...

Fine, but you can only change your account once every 6 months. You cannot change your account and your wish at the same time. If you are truly moving accounts and not just changing your account name, we will remove your former account from the group.

Trying to beat the waiting rule to make a new wish...

Leaving the group and re-joining the group to make a new wish after your last one was granted is an abuse of the well. We get messages every time someone leaves the group and keep a list. We also have a list of every wish that has been granted and when. We will know when you are trying to get a new wish before your waiting time has passed.

Features and issues with features...

Please don't complain about HOW we featured you, what deviations we chose, etc. And definitely don't complain that you don't get featured enough or haven't been featured yet. We feature those we feel are deserving. If you think you deserve a feature, be active so we can see you and meet you. Or NOTE us and ask if you can be in the next feature we host. But don't complain and harass us about it - you won't get featured that way; you will get blocked. For time related issues, we will not feature feature affliate contests outside of NOMs or any specified event; contest related wishes can be featured only if they comply with group policy. We also do not provide contest prizes since it goes outside of what the group does.

Admins, Harassment and Spam

Please do not harass our admins. Do not spam our page with comments, complaints or join requests. Do not spam or contact admins on their personal accounts. If you have a question or an issue but don't want all the admins to see it, contact SavageFrog directly. Note the group with questions after you have read the FAQ please (THIS BLOG - yes, the WHOLE thing).

When will my wish be granted?

That is right, repeatedly asking when your wish will be granted is considered an abuse of the well. We have lots of admins. We have even more members. And we have lots and lots of wishes. We make no guarantees on timelines for wishes to be granted. We cannot tell you when it will be. We cannot promise yours will be next. And if we keep wasting time explaining that, no wishes will ever get updated or granted. Please refer to the FAQ on Granting Wishes. If you continue to ask repeatedly, we WILL remove your wish without notice and you will most likely be blocked, especially if this isn't the first time you have spammed us about granting your wish.

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SavageFrog Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
That is something you either note the group for or ask in the comments of your join request, not publicly since it's a private issue
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Hello :D

I'd like inquire as to why you are asking? 

You see, the group runs on donations and the help of its members- basically, the time it takes for your wish to be granted depends on the generosity of others- so there is no "average" time.

The Well does not guarantee wishes will be granted at an exact time (or if they are granted at all). Again, we try our best to grant your wish, but remember that, should you be accepted as a member and make a wish, that you will need patience.
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