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Submitted on
January 3, 2012


4 (who?)

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Hello everyone!
This is a feature for everyone who donated to our point collection account TheWishingWidget from the start of the account until January 28th, 2012. If you would like to be featured in the next update please donate "Here"

Thank you for donating to help someone get their wish granted!

Less than 10 :points: !

AppleLily 1 :points:
time-is-toxic 1 :points:
District-12-Tribute 1 :points:
ladyneon176 1 :points:
MisuMizu 1 :points:
MomoScarletKaulitz 1 :points:
NAkos 1 :points:
sDoost 1 :points:
Optimistar 1 :points:
Peeta-bread 1 :points:
Ready-to-Start 1 :points:
Sofiz-Jackson 1 :points:
SoulLostAtSea 1 :points:
SvampeBobb 1 :points:
zaz14ispottermad 1 :points:
Catmagik 1 :points:
Jazz-Rhythm 2 :points:
SpiffyPhotography 2 :points:
GossamerRhyannon 2 :points:
GirlWithTheGreenHat 2 :points:
mirkwoodprincess123 2 :points:
Shugadafox 2 :points:
PatyKida 3 :points:
TanyaTej 3 :points:
The-Greek-Crusader 3 :points:
ThePurplePandaLovesU 4 :points:
athena-nynaeve 5 :points:
CourtneyMonroe 5 :points:
DanZeplin 5 :points:
AverageSmalltownGirl 5 :points:
dropandmoment 5 :points:
gunzy1 5 :points:
Jackie-Pancake 5 :points:
King-Char 5 :points:
Lupina24 5 :points:
Nikee97 5 :points:
nupao 5 :points:
MadamSteamfunk 5 :points:
silverjade2003 5 :points:
ddeactivatedd 5 :points:
Menchieee 5 :points:
turbinedave 5 :points:
waterangel17 5 :points:
Yay-123 5 :points:
Zanderxxrockstar 6 :points:
I-is-smart 7 :points:
AzeeraTheNinja 8 :points:
Sketchdude97 9 :points:
Lazulelle 9 :points:

10+ :points:!

Blood-Charm 10 :points:
Fluttershy.. by Blood-Charm Free Icon- Pinkie Pie by Blood-Charm
britney-the-writer 10 :points:
:thumb261465815: :thumb261468335:
Seizure-Salads 10 :points:
on the first day of christmas by Seizure-Salads
DraculaRosa 10 :points:
Make Your Own Potion by DraculaRosa Me?
Once I thought
I am just me
But elegant whispers flow
tickling the tip of my fingers
Reminding me
I'm not just me

DragonDew 10 :points:
Light by DragonDew Water Elementals Detail by DragonDew
faeryl-moomba 10 :points:
PJO: Yeehaw by faeryl-moomba Original: Violinist by faeryl-moomba
photographybyfallon 10 :points:
reunion by photographybyfallon disappear by photographybyfallon
IceXDragon 10 :points:
dA Logo Hop by IceXDragon No Matter Where or When... by IceXDragon
Kizuna-chan 10 :points:
Digital Eye by Kizuna-chan Sunflower by Kizuna-chan
MarissaWalker 10 :points:
Bright Eye Charcoal by MarissaWalker Quibble and the Sunflower by MarissaWalker
mippieArt 10 :points:
:thumb273570292: The Darkness Within - Commision by mippieArt
MusicalFire 10 :points:
Saddled Appaloosa by MusicalFire Fluff by MusicalFire
Yang-Michi 10 :points:
:thumb277925674: :thumb278523118:
11KairiMayumi11 10 :points:
Bring it on by 11KairiMayumi11 Charmander by 11KairiMayumi11
Kyasor 11 :points:
Commission: CCSakura by Kyasor The Hunter by Kyasor
snowpups123 12 :points:
okami fanart by snowpups123 allen walker by snowpups123
Ajalea 13 :points:
Daydreamer by Ajalea Let the Rain fallLet the rain fall down upon me
So I can let my tears run free
I won't show the people how I feel
Or doomed I will be

15+ :points:!

disneyprinceloki 15 :points:
:thumb117027312: :thumb74401554:
TobiGonzalez 17 :points:
Tobi Roarke APP by TobiGonzalez Commission- NEW COLORING STYLE by TobiGonzalez
SarlyneART 18 :points:
FMA:_Ouverture_P05 by SarlyneART :thumb257882625:

20+ :points:!

AlainaBrown 20 :points:
Vulture by AlainaBrown The Ballad of a Dove by AlainaBrown
Laxmi-Arts 20 :points:
Fortunate by Laxmi-Arts Dreamy Effect by Laxmi-Arts
Bermuda-kun 20 :points:
:thumb215745381: :thumb212654033:
CassiniCloset 20 :points:
Growlithe plushie by CassiniCloset Bowser by CassiniCloset
celticpath 20 :points:
KM Graphic Installers header1 by celticpath Guardian Angel in color by celticpath
DeviBrigard 20 :points:
:insert bird of prey noise here: by DeviBrigard Heart of Ice -Aqrion Adoption by DeviBrigard
dragondoodle 20 :points:
Too Cute by dragondoodle Royal Mara by dragondoodle
Eppon 20 :points:
I mean it. by Eppon I herd you liek sharks. by Eppon
Hopeful-Rogue 20 :points:
Headlights by Hopeful-Rogue July 4th 2010 I by Hopeful-Rogue
pixiepot 20 :points:
All-Emoters-United Avatar by pixiepot Pixella Bounce by pixiepot
pyro-helfier 20 :points:
Daydreamer by pyro-helfier Making a New Friend by pyro-helfier
RedRoses16 20 :points:
:thumb277676195: :thumb216621224:
RisingWolve 20 :points:
:thumb254243158: :thumb223937197:
AlexandraVBach 20 :points:
Spellbound by AlexandraVBach Des Filles et des Riffs vol.2 by AlexandraVBach
OnionBlaze 22 :points:
:thumb273741334: :thumb273398721:
therealjonathan 22 :points:
Canonet by therealjonathan Violate those who Prosecute by therealjonathan
SamsterFX45 24 :points:
Big Bang by SamsterFX45 OH, BOY by SamsterFX45
OddOblivion 25 :points:
:thumb270260532: :thumb274124172:

25+ :points:!

CelticStrm-Stock 25 :points:
:thumb273337587: Log Cabin Farm House Stock 7 by CelticStrm-Stock

30+ :points:!

AdeisaC 30 :points:
Imaginary Me by AdeisaC Green Eyes by AdeisaC
litecrush 30 :points:

35+ :points:!

DA-points-dispatch 35 :points: No deviations.
thepointmaster 37 :points:
No Deviations
ClaireBear999 40 :points:
:thumb227278567: :thumb253696995:

40+ :points:!

Flickaktigt 40 :points:
:thumb278138402: :thumb277925223:
FullMetalMono 40 :points:
Equalizer by FullMetalMono :thumb194706439:
Versispellis 44 :points:
Mondschein auf Wasser by Versispellis Rain by Versispellis

50+ :points:!

otohime0394 50 :points:
Pixie Lott by otohime0394 Wizard Week - Harry Potter by otohime0394

55+ :points:!

ScintillatingWatch 55 :points:
Pippin by ScintillatingWatch Iron Man - Avengers by ScintillatingWatch
DrNinjaGal 90 :points:
:Universe: 37 by DrNinjaGal :Friendship: 34 by DrNinjaGal

100+ :points:!

Arichy 100 :points:
:thumb274089626: :thumb247257548:
1Foxylady 100 :points:
029. Remember Ren's name by 1Foxylady :thumb209425169:
KireiHane 100 :points:
Request.Hikari by KireiHane Contest:Monster by KireiHane
Philluppus 100 :points:
:thumb194315640: B A  Mon Ami by Philluppus
PixlPhantasy 100 :points:
Water Spirit ::Digital Redo:: by PixlPhantasy Fed Up and bored Silly by PixlPhantasy
PaperDreamerArt 100 :points:
Gothic Forest by PaperDreamerArt
Emerald-Depths 102 :points:
Shine On by Emerald-Depths On the Edge by Emerald-Depths
PrincessMagical 102 :points:
Searching For The Pearl by PrincessMagical Starry Lake by PrincessMagical

150+ :points:!

robcdm 160 :points:
Wind Power Fields by robcdm Battle of the Rabbit
The eve before battle:
Two Armies entrench upon there hill
nervous tension begin to build
Swords being sharpen,
Horses being feed
Armor is check,
and Arrows Fletch
I look to west and stare upon the setting sun
As the sky fade to colors of reds, yellow, and blood
I see the banner of army of the west
Dragon with 12 heads
On pearl backdrop,
in top right bares the moon in middle phase
in lower left bares a cross encircled
Their soldiers seem to be dancing,
Chanting a chant of blood
I watch as one winged mount swoop down
and scarfed one up.
His screams be heard,
yet the eerie became worse
after he fell silent, it was cheers I heard
I look back to our banner of blue and white
with crest of flying dove
casted upon a silhouette of the rising sun
I stare upon our warriors
which none were pressed
they are sitting around fires
singing, and reading
but all seem relaxed
Horses are resting, the dogs are laying down
The lion is sleeping,
as lamb walks up to it and nuzzles down
all is relaxed, and wai

200+ :points:!

noezel7 200 :points:
Is Any... Chapter 1Chapter 1: The Getaway
I know that the whole mental institution thing was a dream, but it was too real to ignore. As me, Donald, and Goofy are heading towards the second district, my mind drifts to that nightmare. As they walk off to the left, towards the hotel, I stop in terror. How do I know that the dream was my keyblade testing me? I just assumed that is what had happened since the keyblade was what gave off a life force. My mind starts to race, how do I know what is real and what is fantasy? Panic settles over me. My breathing starts to quicken and I fall to my knees; my palms on the ground. Nothing seems like it is real, the dream or what I’m experiencing right now. My mind then flashes to Riku; hoping he is alright. How would he react to my panic attack? I shake my head and get up on my feet. If I’m going to question reality I’m going to do it rationally. Donald and Goofy finally realize that I have fallen behind; both still a little weary of
Pokemon Day 28-Cutest by noezel7
savagebinn 200 :points:
Pimpin' Pooch by savagebinn Leaf Study by savagebinn
Shroomkin 200 :points:
Holiday Card 2011 by Shroomkin Rock Face by Shroomkin
LeighNakamaru 233 :points:
Swinging Carousel by LeighNakamaru Let's Shoot Some Hoops by LeighNakamaru

300+ :points:!

Xehara 310 :points:
WIP Mischa - Colored by Xehara :thumb278793793: :thumb279092945:

400+ :points:!

YesterdaysWake 406 :points:
Magic. by YesterdaysWake :thumb281996595:

1000+ :points:!

DAnnsCreations 1000 :points:
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone by DAnnsCreations Tiger's Eye Heart necklace by DAnnsCreations Green Forest Drop Necklace by DAnnsCreations Black velvet suit by DAnnsCreations
turbinedave 1000 :points:
Road block by turbinedave Reach for the light by turbinedave The moon is my sun by turbinedave The last sunset of 2011 by turbinedave

8000+ :points:!

JamminJo 8000 :points:
Lunch by JamminJo Wade fight Oct 2011 by JamminJo Warmth of a Fire by JamminJo Mums by JamminJo Changes all around me by JamminJo Marlee Matlin Deaf Actress by JamminJo Bamboozaled by JamminJo

13000+ :points:!

TimberClipse and DevNews 13987 :points:
OWS Police Bus by TimberClipse OWS Extinction by TimberClipse OWS Compilation by TimberClipse Sunset Love Costa Rica by TimberClipse Waterfall Costa Rica by TimberClipse Eclipse by TimberClipse Happy Birthday Grayboy72 by TimberClipse Arenal Sunset Panorama by TimberClipse Macro Rainbow Flower by TimberClipse Firework 1 by TimberClipse
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DannilleRocky Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow...over 10,000 :points:
EAT-MY-PAINTINGS Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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SarlyneART Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I was browsing this journal just4fun and suddenly I discover myself under the features - totally forgot I donated, but it is good to remember =P
EAT-MY-PAINTINGS Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, thank you for your donation, every bit helps! :aww:
MusicalFire Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sweet! Thanks for the feature!!
EAT-MY-PAINTINGS Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No problem! :la:
snowpups123 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2012  Student Digital Artist
thanks so much for the Feature it means allot to me :hug: might donate again
EAT-MY-PAINTINGS Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you so much! :D
snowpups123 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2012  Student Digital Artist
np :iconblushplz:
DeviBrigard Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2012
thanks for the feature, donating again~
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