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January 8, 2013


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The Noms

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:damphyr: The Special in January

January starts a new month and a NEW YEAR! Happy 2013 everyone! Lots of people make resolutions at the beginning of the new year to help them on their way to becoming a better person in so many ways! Some people want to be kinder, thinner, healthier, funner, happier, richer and more! What kinds of New Year Resolutions have you made? We want to know!

:new: Coming up in February!!!

February is all about sharing the love and giving back! deviantHEART, a group we are affiliated with whose goal is to "Promote Positivity," is hosting an event, "14 Days of Features" (courtesy of one of their amazing admins, Astrikos!). Starting on Feb 1st, you can check out different features such as 14 kinds of Chocolates, 14 Different Smiles, 14 Ways to say I Love You, and more! And on Day 14 (Valentine's Day), there will be a huge feature on what YOU think of LOVE! No need to join the group. No need to watch the group. If you want to participate, simply note Astrikos with your thoughts on love or love-related deviations. Or, you can comment on the February Noms that come out on the 1st with your thoughts, and the Well will send them to deviantHEART. Get lovey-dovey! Get featured! Be happy!

:damphyr: Seniority

:iconsavaliste: Savaliste
Savaliste has been one of the most helpful deviants I've had the pleasure to come across here on DA  ... Always ready to extend a helping hand to anyone who needs it without hesitation! She encourages people in a very positive way, and I personally admire people like that! ... She's been on DA for 6 years already, so she's been doing that for quite some time! ... She would definitely deserve to have that tic on her username! ... Those who haven't met her yet, I encourage you to go say hello to her! She's going to have a baby soon! ... So I'm sure she'll welcome all the love you'll can her! ... Her work is AMAZING! You're going to love her gallery too!
:iconjames--steele: James--Steele
James--Steele is one of the most amazing deviants you can ever hope to meet! While only on deviantART for 4 months so far, James has dedicated his time to helping other people on deviantART! From features to gifts to granting wishes to leaving behind supportive comments and advice, James has been a leader that stands out. Not only have his great deeds touched hundreds of people here at the Well, James has managed to nurture deviants in many groups to include other very large and active groups like DevNews, deviantARTcommunity and deviantHEART! Making wishes come true is but one small part of all he does on deviantART.
:iconsavagefrog: SavageFrog
SavageFrog became a Senior in Jan of 2013!! WOO!

:damphyr: DD Suggestions

Overdose on Love by Meranda92
Overdose on Love by Meranda92 is an interesting photographic piece that makes the viewer think. On one hand, it tells a sad tale of forgotten or painful love. On the other hand, it gives hope that love is within our grasp. The coloration and addition of grain to the photo seems to edge towards the darker of the two tales, but no one will ever really know until they look and listen.
corset. by sophiaazhou
Corset by sophiaazhou is a unique piece that is not unique to our culture. The photograph speaks volumes about how we view ourselves and what we want of ourselves. It shows what is attainable to so many yet so difficult for many more. This deviation leaves you with more questions than answers, especially in the new year. Have you ever resolved to break free of the bonds or have you instead wished to be wrapped up by them, becoming the picture-perfect person you think everyone else is?

:damphyr: My Resolutions...

:heart: iLantiis, "I resolve to always look at the positive side this year, even when it is hard to find. I will be laurenlorenz's and KobayashiHisa's buddy too as we all strive to be more positive! I also resolve to do one digital work each month this year, and at least three of those months will NOT be my comfortable inside-the-box Sailor Moon fanart. It is time to spread my wings and try some new things!"
:heart: MadOldHag, "My resolution for 2013: Write and draw/paint more than in 2012."
:heart: astarayel, "I resolve this year to work to help other artists grow by giving helpful, constructive, friendly feedback.  I resolve to be more involved in the dA community in any way I can. I resolve to find beauty in art that I haven't considered beautiful before. Finally, I resolve to explore new techniques and ideas as I strive to improve my own art."
:heart: CyphonFiction, "I resolve to make it to chapter 5 of TheVirginTrilogy, and to get good grades this semester, as well has have an awesome time when Nephi-Fephi comes to visit this summer!!"
:heart: YAYProductions, "My resolution for 2013 is drop weight, but also to make the world a better place for people, one person at a time, starting in my own home."
:heart: Idellechi, "My resolution is to be a better person, nicer and help out more. My other resolution is to stop procrastinating as much.... Okay the second one may be a bit too hard, should I save it for next year?"
:heart: ChaosFay, "Pay all my bills on time, drop a dress size, learn how to quilt, attend more conventions, and receive more custom orders for my jewelry."
:heart: Silverarte, "My resolution is actually to do a good amount more work on improving my art, writing and doing things for others. I want to stop procrastinating and start making things better all around. That is my hope! ^-^ It'd be cool to use what I know so that I can teach some others around me with it."
:heart: rainylake, "My resolutions for the new year: Continue being active and involved in the dA community. Take a good photo of a wild fox. Lose a few pounds. Keep learning amigurimi. Get better at photography."
:heart: ethereal-dancer, "My resolutions: Develop more artistically (in dancing, drawing, and writing). Get into shape - I need to take better care of my body xD"
:heart: Astrikos, "My resolutions are to improve in all of my artsy subject fields, and keep myself fit."
:heart: Redilion, "My resolution is to develop and improve my skills and to find a job with good salary  And more smiles!"
:heart: Mireielle, "My resolution is to help others gain more exposure and popularity. I want to truly grant the wishes of those who ask for more exposure on deviantart. I want to be able to give them more than just a feature that gives them 20 views, i want to help them to become better and more well known artists. I don't have much myself, but i want to be able to help others with what i do have."
:heart: The-Dreaming-Dragon, "My goals for 2013, 1) To complete my second and third illustrated tale. 2) Get them uploaded for publishing 3) Enjoy life"
:heart: Wragziez, "My goals for 2013 is to be as cheerful as possible for both my Sister and I, and to be in a more happy and positive attitude."
:heart: nyfian, "My resolution for 2013 is to be less lazy with my drawings and improve my art-style. And also make people happy."
:heart: Mommy-of-Ein, "My resolution is to work on actually being able to draw something decent."
:heart: MistressofQuills, "My resolution? To write something of value (e.g. post-worthy) at least 3 times a week"
:heart: tacoroach, "My Resolution is to be more consistent with my art. I plan on finishing AND posting at least one project a week. I also plan to host more contests/giveaways and just generally help out more in the DA community."
:heart: TheGalleryOfEve, "I want 2013 to be memorable!  I want to get more involved on DA and spread all the love I can! ... Getting into my favorite dress won't hurt either, you know?"
:heart: SaraV-Art, "My resolution is to be more active on dA and to explore this wonderful community."
:heart: SamanthaArnold, "My resolution is to be more happy than last year and to loss weight & keep it off."
:heart: eveningstars242, "My Resolutions: Be an even more awesome wife and mother, be an even better manager at work, improve on my art!!!"
:heart: PizzaPotatoNBacon, "My resolution is to get up and help the community more! I also want to make my Project: Project ATLASFeature a success and get exposure for deviants in dire need! I also want to catch at least ONE art thief and report them! I also want to work harder in my Backgrounds and shading, and post more art~"
:heart: KitOnlyHuman, "My new year's resolution is to become better at my art and to be involved in the community for the rest of the year... since I accidentally bought a year premium membership. XD"
:heart: KizunaYui-Studios, "My Resolution is to work more on my art try new things and to help all the deviants I can!"

:damphyr: New Projects!

:iconrelayforlife: RelayForLife
The dAream Relay Team has some great new contests happening RIGHT NOW! Some are specific while others cover many art mediums. If you want to help fight cancer and have the opportunity to get some great prizes, check out our newest active contests!

Have a new project? Tell us a little about it in the comments and leave a link!

:damphyr: Get Added!

To get yourself added or to add someone you know, simply comment on this blog. Comments will be reviewed by our panel and added as space is available every Tuesday. You must include a short write-up of who and why they should be a Senior or what deviation and why you think it is DD-worthy. The better your write-up, the more likely someone will be inspired to help you in your goal. And YES, you can include a write-up about you or one of your own deviations.

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