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Thursday Greets

Thu Nov 8, 2012, 11:05 AM by rainylake:iconrainylake:

:spotlight-left:  Welcome to Thursday Greets!  :spotlight-right:

Thursday Greets is a brand new part of the dAWishingWell that strives to give exposure to a few of our newest members each week. Below you will find some of their artwork, their wish, and any interesting going ons that they may have.

Let's meet some of our newest members and spread the love. :heart:

:iconsweetkeydani: SweetKeyDani

So that's why her hair does that... by SweetKeyDaniBUMBLE BREEZE: COMMISSION by SweetKeyDaniLook me in the eyes by SweetKeyDaniBows by SweetKeyDani

Mature Content

Tin, A gore contest entry by SweetKeyDani

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:iconvivafariy: VivaFariy

A normal day turned aroundI sat down with my computer and iPod at the counter. Mom had gone out for the day, leaving me here to do my homework. I went to the fridge and got myself some mint ice-cream. I loved having an ice-cream parlor downstairs. "I'm glad my mom likes this job" I thought, sitting down to do homework. Thinking hard, I tried to write my essay.
Suddenly, a bright light flashed and a strong wind blew, pushing my waist length black hair into my ice-cream filled mouth.A girl who was younger than me appeared. She looked around twelve and had shoulder length blonde hair that bobbed up and down like a trampoline when she walked. I dropped my ice-cream in surprise. "Where did you come from?" I asked, surprised.
"Hi, um" She said. She peered at the back of my iPod, obviously reading my name. "Hi, Jennifer, I'm Elizabeth.  Well...." Then it all rushed out. "The Door to the Demons, or what we call the Hole, is opened. You have to help close it. The Magical world is in danger! Demons are everywhe
StuckI'm locked up in my cell  
For how long, I cannot tell  
My situation will not differ  
So I grit my teeth with anger  
But how I know I should forgive
It's not her fault at all  
My sister is so small  
And out of nowhere  
She has a change of behavior
My hyper sister  
Cannot get off the couch
Since she's sick as a dog
I must check her log
To see if Home Work there is to do
And Oh, yes-er-ree
And by me
It must be done
So here I am
Locked in my cell
Waiting for her to tell
Me what to write down   
And of course she's falling asleep
While I am still stuck
And cannot do what I choose
No fun and/or games
Because my sister comes first
This may be true
But I am still here
Locked up in my cell
With her work
To do
Fruit Basket   Before me is a fruit basket
    With Fruits of all kinds
     But all I see is the apple
        The juicy, red, apple
                My mouth waters
                  No ones looking
Winter *for artlessilliterate*The trees are all so bare
The weather so rough
The autumn colors gone
The scene makes me stare
The snow is falling down
The wind picking up
It's making such a noise
That I can't hear another sound
I run to my home
And rush through the door
I try to ignore the sound
That leaves me feeling so alone
I turn on the fire
I set up the logs
I warm up my cold hands
And turn the flames on higher
I'll need to get my coat
From the tall storage wardrobe
I've got to get my gloves
Which I left in my row boat
I put the boat away
The pond is all ice
The wind's twirling snow
please no storm I pray
But It's useless
For we can't stop
The storms of snow
For winter has begun
pic of Emily (bad quality) by VivaFariy

None at the moment.

VivaFariy is the founder of TheFaeriesOak. It is a group focused on faries and fae.

:iconthelightning-stars: TheLightning-Stars

Buddy hug! by TheLightning-Stars8l!nd L()ve (Dolore x Octavia) by TheLightning-Stars:thumb331116647:Commission 1 - MoonlightGoddess1313 by TheLightning-StarsRISE GOD TIER RMAFAN101! by TheLightning-Stars

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:iconcrysi102: Crysi102  

Nitrau- Chapter 1: The First Morning"Wake up, Mutt!" The harsh voice paused, "I SAID WAKE UP!"
Harsh voice kicked the sleeping one in the ribs, and the sleeping one woke with a gasp. The first crouched, fanged smile but inches from the other's face, "You are wanted in the Main Cavern, Hunt-Wolf," Harsh voice spat, "By Alpha's own request too…" He paused, then continued with fury coating his words, "You know, I have no clue why YOU get the personal request… but you know what? I don't give a damn about a personal request or not," He licked his lips and stood, "I could still kill you whenever I want. Now, get up." Harsh voice left with another swift kick to the sleeper's rib cage.
The Sleeper groaned, and pet the pure gray wolf that licked his cheek.
"Good morning, Mist…" The Sleeper muttered a simple greeting to his companion. Mist leapt up playfully at his words, allowing the Sleeper to sit up. He sniffed the crisp morning air as he rubbed his bruised ribs. It had to be before dawn; the dew lay heavily on t
Short Story- Assassin of LightSolonia was sick and tired of the turmoil outside. She walked down the hall to her boudoir, planning to retire for the day. She closed the door and used a chair to buttress it.
She turned around to look into the sitting room to face its occupants. She cast a shrewd look at the black haired prince who reclined on the plush couch. He quietly took his feet off the ebony coffee table.
"You are so incompetent." Solonia muttered.
"You don't mean that." The Prince replied.
"Then what are you doing in my room?" The female snapped.
"Waiting for you." The Prince held up a deep red envelope with a single black dot on it, a skull stamped into the black wax. He twirled the envelope in his first two fingers lazily, as if it didn't matter to him.
"Tonight then?" Solonia caught the envelope as he tossed it to her.
"Yes. A nice prize too." The Prince stood, walking to the shorter female. "You be careful then." He pecked her on the forehead.
"I will be." The high assassin said to the prince's back as th
Short Story- Embarrassing amounts of SquashAnima glared at Spiff cynically. "That can't possibly be true." He muttered.
"Ah, but it is, Anima." The young shaman gesticulated his point. "It was just suddenly there! Not like Crys' oozing, but like... BLAM! There it is!"
"You do a great parody of an explosion." Anima growled contemptuously.
"That's not the point!" Spiff wailed pathetically.
"You gotta wonder just where he gets that vitality." Quinn added.
"Most definitely." Anima nodded in agreement.
"YOU AREN'T LISTENING!" Spiff exclaimed.
"Yeah we are. You're telling a fairy tale about some magically appearing squash." Anima said bluntly. "I think we have a right to be a bit cynical... Don-"
He was cut off by a giant, bright orange squash landing on his head out of nowhere with an embarrassingly loud 'SPLAT!'
Short Story- Rivals at Their BestRysis stared at the tempestuous shadow trembling with fear. "What.... What do you want?" He asked tremulously.
"You have been quite a menace, Holder of the Trinity." The shadow growled. "I think I should rid myself of you now."
"You wouldn't dare." Rysis responded incredulously. "You can't survive without me holding back the power of the Trinity."
"You may be right about that, but can you be sure I can't hold the Trinity myself?"
"Because you tried before and FAILED, Oclacio."
"That doesn't mean I can't do it now!" The Spirit responded indignantly. "I have grown stronger in the past years, thanks to you."
"So have I, and I do believe we both know who is better than the other at this point?" Rysis smiled as he stood, his fingertips radiating with the light of his held spirit energy.
"Do you wish to test that theory?" The Black Spirit Oclacio responded, his own dark aura radiating throughout the space.
"I believe so."
Kai Umbreon (Fanart) by Crysi102

Crysi102 wishes constructive critiques on her literature

Crysi102 is writing a story. Find out more here!…

:iconmastertofu96: MasterTofu96

Artwork by
Ceramics - My pots collage by MasterTofu96Alice by MasterTofu96Midnight Musings by MasterTofu96Cat cup (glazed) 1 by MasterTofu96Clay bottle by MasterTofu96

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I hope you have enjoyed this installment of Thursday Greets! See you again next week! :star:

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